The Five Common Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

We’re lead to believe that anyone can do anything they want if they put their mind to it, and while there is some partial truth to the notion, it’s also true that there are some personality types that are predisposed to business and financial success.

This predisposition can be broken down into a few traits that are universally shared by all those that have seen success in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

From tech billionaire Bill Gates to investment guru Warren Buffett, these are the five most common traits among successful businessmen and women.

1. They Find Disparities

The biggest businesses in the world were created to fill a gap in the market, and it’s a gap that the found of the business was able to see clearly, and then pushed to fill. The global market is constantly changing, meaning that there are always new sub-markets that have an untapped audience.

The people who’re able to target this audience and begin providing a service or product are the ones that usually find the most success – although this is becoming more difficult as globalisation sees more growth each year.

2. Getting Up Early

One common trait among successful people is their penchant to get up earlier than most others. While some people are hitting their snooze button, it’s been observed that those with a drive for success will make the most of each day, which starts when the sun comes up.

But being an early riser is just one factor to consider, and there are plenty of success stories told by people that tend to stay up all night, working hard or enjoying online pokies NZ. The biggest factor is procrastination, which is closely linked to getting out of bed as late as possible.

3. Their Perception on The Status Quo

Many of the stories we hear about self-made billionaires oftens starts with them having dropped out of school at some point, such as is the case with Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

But it’s not about simply dropping out of college or high school, but rather having the drive to question and challenge many social paradigms that tend to keep the populace “in check”.

They look for better, more efficient ways of doing things, which often results in more advanced production and distribution, and more creativity.

4. They Have a Mind for Finance

The success of a business is almost always measured by how much revenue it pulls in every year, but to get to that stage, the creators of the business need to have a firm understanding of money, how it works, and how they can best use it.

It’s not always essential, but it can mean the difference between success and failure: it’s impossible to grow a business if it’s making a loss every month.

5. Determination

Determination tends to the driving factor behind most success in today’ world.

All of the other traits are important, but having a strong will and a desire to keep going forward in the face of endless mistakes and failures is the key difference to making a business not just work, but work extremely successfully.