The World’s Leading Companies

We live in an era where the corporate world has come to encompass almost everything that we deal with in our day0to-day lives. From the food we eat to the clothes we buy, brands control the market and companies control the brands. It’s a large shift from what our ancestors experienced – who were often controlled by a system of government or monarchy – we instead pick and choose the product we want, and with enough popularity that company becomes a force of its own.

These are the world’s most influential companies in terms of their industries.


Johnson & Johnson: It’s difficult to not find a product that isn’t made directly or indirectly by Johnson & Johnson. As one of the oldest companies in the world, J&J has been at the forefront of consumer goods and health for a number of years, and although their stocks suffered in 2018, they have since returned to their leading position in the market.

Their influence on social media has reached a wider audience thanks to their many online campaigns, and keeping up with cutting edge health brands, along with new partnerships. Their latest sees them launching a campaign with tech giant Apple, where the two have created software for the Apple Watch that is able to detect early signs of heart disease in its wearer.


3M: 3M is best known for their packaged consumer goods, but they have also invested heavily into the mining industry. In fact, this is how the company first found their success after starting out as a small-scale mining operation in 1902. Along with the goods that they sell to the average consumer, they also produce reflective materials for worker safety in mines, oil refinery technologies, and mining extraction additives that improve the efficiency of global mining operations.

Food Services

McDonald’s: It’s no surprise that the world’s most influential food services company is McDonald’s. Not only have they anchored themselves on almost every country on the planet, but their various campaigns have turned the company into an intentional powerhouse on the same level as Apple, Google, or the online betting world. The food chain has, however, lost some of its popularity in recent years, mainly following the many health trends that have been sweeping the globe, but they continue to be a potent force in the food industry, boasting a combined total of 86 million followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, which is more than Apple and Amazon combined.


Uber: The world of logistics and transportation has grown immense in few years, and Uber is leading the pack by a long shot. The company is one of the most highly valued private companies in the world, filing for an IPO for the second half of the year. And despite recently posting a loss of $1 billion for last year’s third quarter, the company is still going strong as it breaks into new markets.