5 Unusual But Effective Marketing Techniques

In such a competitive global market, the way you advertise your business and its services needs to stand out to truly shine. Social media marketing is a powerful and popular tool, to be sure, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, you might need to think outside of the box. Here are 5 unexpected and unusual ways to market your business that will make a big impact on potential customers!

#1: Charitable Publicity

Every company, big or small, has a responsibility to help uplift a cause bigger than themselves. The great news is that while you are helping out a charity or needy cause, you will also gain some excellent publicity for your own venture.

Most times, this will come from tipping off reporters about charitable donations or acts your company has completed, or volunteering that your employees are doing. You could amplify this effect by having your team wear their company logo while doing good for an organization, community or area in need.

Remember, it’s a good idea to have your team do interviews about this and get it out there to as many newspapers and publications as possible. Report scholarships that your company offers as well, along with their recipients, and ask reporters to include mentions of your company and link your home page and contact details in online articles.

These links have huge domain authority among search engines (much like online pokies Australia websites and their affiliates), which will direct plenty of traffic to your website!

#2: Consider Giveaways

Everybody loves receiving free stuff, and media houses love to be able to give it away. Offer to sponsor some prizes for a big contest or event, and your company will be mentioned repeatedly to participants, getting your brand out there in a genius way.

You can also boost the impact by giving away branded merchandise that people will use often – anything from pens and notebooks to umbrellas, laptop bags and backpacks, and so much more.

You should also consider doing giveaways through influencers’ blogs, as you can use their audience to gain many social media mentions while they gain another reward for their readers.

If an influencer is reviewing your product or service, you can also give them free goods as an extra giveaway, further reinforcing your brand and message with them and their viewer base.

#3: Get Personal

Have you ever wondered why some companies send out holiday baskets, seasonal gifts and Christmas cards to their customers and clients? Celebrating your clients adds a unique personal touch that allows you to form an emotional connection with your client base while also standing out as a company that actually cares.

To enhance this effect, send cards along with discount codes and coupons for your products or services for birthdays, anniversaries or seasonal events. You will have people coming back in no time…

#4: Hold Workshops

There are three main ways in which you can market your business through holding educational workshops. The first is to host workshops yourself and give away free items at the end of them to reinforce your brand, the second is to sponsor a workshop for the rights to do this, and the third is to attend a public workshop and hand out handy educational material and items that are relevant to its purpose.

By using these unique but effective marketing tricks, you will be able to spread your brand and your message far and wide without having to spend thousands on the services of advertising professionals. Remember to get the media involved wherever possible, and to place your logo wherever you possibly can for maximum exposure!