The Best Advertising Ideas Ever


Branding is one of the biggest parts of any business; it’s a way of getting your name out there, and of making a lasting impression. Even more so, it is a way of creating an identity that people instantly recognise and trust.

One of the ways that branding gets companies noticed is through successful advertising campaigns.

These advertising ideas can be used for all kinds of branding and really, at the end of the day, the only thing stopping you implementing them is your budget!

Brand a Car

Or a fleet of cars. Or a bus. By putting your logo on cars or busses you’ll be seen by a huge number of people, all across town. Over time, people will begin to recognise your branding as something that is familiar, and this is a good thing.

You can opt for full branding or invest in car magnet decals that can be popped on and off as desired. Essentially, what you’ll be creating is a travelling billboard!

Advertise On Something Yummy

Even if your brand is something like roulette for Australian players and has nothing to do with food or beverages, advertising on a chocolate, lollipop, soft drink, coffee or similar will get attention.

It will also trigger a pleasant association as it provides an enjoyable experience to all who eat and drink whatever has been branded.

Print and TV

These may seem like old-fashioned channels of advertising, but an awesome campaign in the newspaper or on TV that gets people talking is always a good option. You could also opt for radio ads as they can gain traction too.

Alternatively, you can try and create an online campaign that goes viral if you’d prefer to stick to the digital world.

Rent a Billboard

If there’s a well-positioned billboard that’s available, grab it. Advertising in a high traffic area gets attention, and if you can come up with a clever, quirky and memorable ad, even better.

Billboards may also seem old fashioned, but they stick in people’s minds, and they are still popular for branding purposes for good reason.

Give Aways

If you have a product you can’t give away as samples, think about giving away samples that relate to the product in some way, and brand them.

If you sell fridges, give away magnets, if you sell cars give away air fresheners, if you sell houses give away key rings…see where we are going? It’s all part of branding and advertising.

SMS Campaigns

It is amazing how successful SMS campaigns can be. Just about everyone has a smartphone that they are always looking at, so why not capitalise on this? You will have to check the legalities of your region, but often you can outsource the project to a company that specialises in SMS marketing and they will have lists of target demographics that will best suit your brand.

You can of course do the same with email, as it is just as effective, and may be even more so depending on what you are selling.