Best Practices to Stay Efficient in the Workplace

We’ve all heard about productivity practices in the past, but for most people, this tends to end up as an hour logging practice on an app that we eventually forget about.

Instead improving productivity should not be about following a rigid regime written by someone else, as not everyone operates to the same tune.

The best way to increase productivity is by incrementally building good habits into your daily life that will have a knock-on effect on the efficiency and quality of your work.

Take each of these habits one by one and work on incorporating them into your everyday routine:

1. Set daily goals

Workdays are never easy and often get cluttered by all the things that we set out to do in our minds at the start of the day. This can never be an efficient way to operate in the workplace as we will most likely get side-tracked while completing one activity because we have so much else that we think we still need to get done.

Instead, after waking up, make a coffee, sit down at your notebook or computer, and list all of the things that you want to get done that working day. Work through each item on the list and by the end of the day, you’ll feel as though you’ve worked hard and been productive.

Remember: Don’t overburden yourself by including too many items on the list and don’t beat yourself up for failing to complete each task you’ve set for yourself.

2. Do the hardest thing first

This one is simple enough. Once your list is set up decide which of the tasks, you’d least like to do or which of the tasks will take the most effort from you and do that one first.

This will deter you from putting off work you don’t want to do and will force you to get it done early, making the rest of your day a walk in the park. You’ll also enjoy playing at and other fun activities more if you’ve finished your hard tasks and don’t have them looming over you.

3. Start your tasks – even if it’s just for 5 minutes

The hardest part of getting your work done is the part where you must begin the work. Normally once you’ve started at least some of the work doing the rest won’t be as difficult.

Therefore, the best way to stay productive during the day is to use any spare five minutes you might have and use that to start a task. You’ll feel much more positive about the task at hand once you’ve got it started.

4. Set boundaries

Boundaries are important in every single part of life. Whether it’s with friends, a loved or even your job, setting boundaries is important to make sure you don’t handicap or overburden yourself unnecessarily.

A common problem with productivity is that once a to-do list has been set up you often find yourself working unnecessarily long hours on one task and neglecting all your other tasks.

Instead set some timers and alternate between different important tasks.