Make Money From Home: Legit Online Jobs To Start In 2022

It is indisputable that the way people make a living in 2022 is markedly different from the way most people made their money a mere 5-10 years ago. The job market has changed, due to unforeseen circumstances (the pandemic), and most people now prefer to work remotely.

The internet and social media now provide millions with alternative ways to make their money. Entering the physical workplace is now a thing of the past as there are thousands of employers looking to hire skilled workers to work from home, around the world.

The following jobs provide legitimate ways to make money from home, without the physical hassle of an office/workplace. Hone your skills and decide which of the following jobs suits you best.

Content Writing:

If you have a skill for writing and reading and enjoy producing enjoyable content for thousands to read online, then a job in content writing might be for you.

There are various agencies that hire writers from all around the world as well as freelance employers looking for anyone who has a keen skill for producing content that will attract online readers.

Most of these jobs only require workers to have a decent internet connection and a computer from which they can work every day. You’ll need to be committed to the art of writing and online content but the job is one that is available to all through the power of the internet.

Social Media Manager:

Social media is growing, by the millions, every single day. New content creators and influencers are entering the space whether it be on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or YouTube to name a few. Whether it be a single-person influencer or an online business, these creators need people to manage their social media accounts.

If you feel as though you have a knack for knowing what people want to see on social media or have some experience in the sector this job might be well suited to you. Work with small creators first and build up your portfolio. The more clients you have the more money you’ll eventually make.


This job is rather self-explanatory. If you were an expert in one of your high school classes and feel as though you have some knowledge to impart to the new generations start applying for online tutoring jobs now.

Tutors are highly sought after and no matter where you are in the world there are always students who need extra help from anyone who might be able to provide it.

There are various websites advertising jobs for tutors including, VipKid, Chegg Tutors.

Online Recruiters:

Recruitment jobs used to exist only in the physical workplace but over the past decade or so this job has changed with many recruiters working from the comfort of their homes.

The main duties of online recruiters include posting vacancies and scouting potential employees for companies that seek the work of recruitment agencies.